Had a really fun time bopping around Alberta the past couple of weeks. Even so, I’m relishing being at home in Saskatoon. It’s grey and wet outside and I feel like cleaning and baking. I’ve got the ball rolling on applying to the U of A - it feels good to have that underway. It’s kind of strange but wonderful being able to work from home and not have any assignments or exams. Regardless, I have lots of things on my list: get a sewing machine in working order (I’m just itching to modify some clothing and try my hand at some projects), do a clean sweep, the annual purging of stuff, make some side tables out of these big tree stumps in our basement, and possibly refinish an 8ft butcher board countertop. I know there’s more but I’m sure that will tide me over.

I took this picture and the two below from the car window between Drumheller and Banff. The change in landscape is interesting now that I see them together. Drumheller had a thick dusting of snow that morning but it gradually melted away as we left the valley.