Almond Croissant

An almond croissant from Christie’s Bakery on Broadway. This was my breakfast a couple days ago. It’s been really nice popping out of the house in the morning to grab coffee. Brandon especially appreciates this - opposed to rolling out of bed and onto his computer desk. We decided to get coffee at Christie’s but couldn’t resist their treats. I don’t eat croissant’s all that often (except when I was in Europe, yikes) so it felt really fun. We kind of called it our celebration of purchasing our first home but we have this habit of repeatedly labelling things our “celebration something” when there’s something to celebrate. So when the final final papers went through we also had dinner al fresco. I think we celebrated our anniversary three times? I’m feeling really blessed to have found a place in Edmonton with a similar geography as we have in Saskatoon. We’re going to be a block off Jasper Avenue (so we can get things done without driving) but also a block off a WONDERFUL river valley/park (for some peace and quiet). It makes the moving process a different experience, knowing that our new home suits us.