House Hunting

Starting things off, neither of these houses are/will be mine. But I was house hunting in Edmonton last week and these were two spaces that happened to be lovely and I thought to take a picture of (with my iPhone, ah well). The first was actually on the market and Brandon and I briefly devised a plan about how we would live there. It was a loft - wide open and with no bedroom. The bed is right behind the couch - but we thought we could either put up bookcases as dividers or make a murphy bed. The windows were brilliant. The building was super cool. But in the end, it was paying too much for the loft idea. And $300 for parking each month.

OKAY - second photo. We stayed with Sam and Cathy (and little Sullivan) last week and this was the view from their dining table. I sat there every morning basking in the amazing light as Cathy kept making fresh pots of coffee (quite the treat). I meant to take a better picture but I’m glad I even got this one. I’ve been doing some colour research (thinking about wall colours, myself) and white works best with lots of natural light. Point and case with this home. But while white does have the best reflective quality, it won’t necessarily make lower light situations brighter. You might just end up with a lot of grey shadows. Good to know.