Rain Day

It’s a rain day. The house is really dark (north facing) and I’ve lit candles everywhere. What would really top things off is a good cross breeze through the house. This place is old and many of the windows have been sealed shut. The main floor has tons of large windows but only one, about the size of a magazine, lets air in. When it gets really hot, I open up the front and back doors. If this wasn’t a rental, I’d do something about it, but we’re packing up soon anyway.

I’ve just put an Cinnamon Almond Coffee Cake in the oven - taking it over to my parent’s place tonight. It’s about the most productive I’ve been lately. It’s been a really slow moving, blah past few days. BUT - I get to go to Lac La Ronge on Sunday with Claire for a whole week. What a treat. I think I’d feel like summer didn’t happen if I wasn’t able to get up to a lake. I’m sure a heap of photos/videos will show up here afterwards. And I AM going to swim, even if it’s frigid.