Today marks one week of living in Edmonton. It seems like quite a lot fit in these past few days. Because of the move from Saskatoon, July kind of dissipated so I’m hoping to pack August with all the summer I can get.

Apart from a few closets that need some help, we’re all set up over here. Art hung, books arranged, kitchen functional, etc. My in-laws stayed over on Thursday night and remarked that it looked like we’d been here for months! Luckily, we’re talking about a cozy-home kind of way and not a messy-home kind of way. And my parents will be coming in a few weeks as well - it’s really nice to break in a new place with familiar faces.

So, the little bunch of photos are from this past week. Top left: Me (well, I’m not shown) on a walk to Transcend coffee this afternoon, admiring an old school. Top right: Brandon and I (in the reflection) about to walk into our building. Bottom left: Riverside foliage on my way back from internet-ing at Starbucks. Bottom right: View of the river valley, steps from our home.