A Little Announcement

Well guess what. If you saw me during Christmas holidays you'll know, but for those I didn't see, I've got some news. I've decided to cancel the university classes I was registered in and start working on photography full-time. I've received mixed feedback about this and I will admit - the decision was tension-filled. But I find it hard to believe that one path is best for everyone. We all find value in different things. I know this is cliche but: life is short. I've been feeling that a lot lately. I felt stagnant where I was but now I'm moving. And trust me, I'm not full-time yet. I'm barely-time. (Okay, I have another p/t job as a web master, phew).

So, if you like my work or know someone who might, I'm here and available. I will travel to you - anywhere! Here's my rates page for 2012. I'm also willing to work something out! More to come.