City Fever

Sunday. Brandon said "I want to get out of the city" and I couldn't have agreed more. I've never felt like a city dweller even though I've been one my entire life (the exception is Drumheller). It wears on me eventually. The traffic/buildings/stores/population. But we choose to live right in the centre of Edmonton anyway - because it makes sense and works for us in this time of life. So we just decided to drive north out of the city and see what we could find. Prairie cities can be so ugly when the snow melts. And why do suburb communities always put banners on their street poles?

We don't know this area very well and didn't find what we were looking for. I just wanted a spot with trees, maybe a bench, some scenery. Every range road led to a gated community. We started driving back and found a road that led to "Lois Hole Provincial Park" but it was just a dead end with a sign. We took some shots anyway. If anyone knows of somewhere nice outside of Edmonton with some trees/views/rocks to sit on - I'd love to hear.