This is the bottom half of a self-portrait I did last term. It measures 44x30in (the whole piece was 60x44in...5ft x 3.6ft). I used compressed charcoal on the shirt and vine charcoal on the rest. I did it at home (so messy) and had no where to dump the dust so it went in the bath tub. My bathtub is white and surrounded by tiny white tiles. YEAH - it mostly came off. Truth be told, I had a sour experience in that drawing class and I haven't felt like drawing much (at all - ever?). And I've rarely drawn on my own accord outside of assigned projects. What do I want to draw? What tools do I like? I think I want to draw again. But I'll need to find my own way. It can be really hard in technical classes - rarely feeling like you're succeeding. Figure drawing is a little more measurable if the goal is realism. It's tough.

I think I'll head towards using ink with a lot of contour/line drawing. I've learned a lot about 'line sensitivity' and 'line weight' - it's so important. I was so terrible at it before. I'm sure I'll continue with painting - I loved that class. And I've got a few canvases that I can paint over (trust me).