I'm so bad at the writing part of blogging. I think about everything I could say, get overwhelmed, and then write very little. It's kind of like every essay I ever wrote. April has been full but I've never felt "busy". I just despise that word. I don't want my life to be repeatedly described as busy. But a full life feels different in my mind. It's balanced. There's permission to take time for yourself and do things good for the soul. I think I'll go into motherhood with the best intentions for this ...don't rain on my parade people. I need to have hope! Also - I'm not pregnant.

So - April has been full. Both sets of parents have visited us on weekends. We went to Saskatoon for Easter. We house-sat for two weeks. We stayed with Jason and Ashlyn this past weekend and visited Brownfield. We've had people here for supper(s), went there for supper(s), and went out for supper. New jobs have come my way. My camera was lightly used. For a moment I wasn't even sure I'd post these shots - maybe because they're just life snaps. Nothing that would land on the pages of Kinfolk. Surprise - my life isn't one rustically-styled dinner party after another. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy beautifully curated content ...but I want honest everyday photos too. Note to Mum: I thought your Easter table was lovely.