Campfire & Garden Building

Bran and I lucked out this year. Some of our very best friends, the Shippits, have graciously let us be apart of their garden this year. We spent last night tilling the ground and installing a few raised beds. It was a beauty night. The kids were close by but they really fended for themselves. Sneaking pops and marshmallows and fun stuff like that. Kirsten lives two houses down so she took a little break to make coffee. It felt so homey when she walked over with a pot in her hand.

I'll be scrambling a bit the next couple days. Lots of loose errands, emails, jobs, etc to tie up before Bran and I go away on Monday. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't know where to begin! Seriously - I don't. We're headed to Kauai. A couple years ago I saw a few blips about the island and became a little obsessed. The furthest south I've been is Denver (I'm not counting Mombasa when I was six). And "hot" holiday destinations have never been my first choice. Anyway. Somehow we're going. I'm sure Bran could think of 20 other destinations he'd rather go. Bless his heart.

Our last trip was to Vancouver island on our honeymoon. As ecstatic as I am, I feel a little bashful about this trip. It's a privilege to travel like this. I'm looking forward to a completely different natural environment. Green mountains and warm waters. A break from the internet connection. I've loaded up The Hobbit on audio book. I've never listened to a book before but we've got two layovers and I think it will be fun. I've been trying not to think about it too much - I just get too amped. See you soon.