Birthday Portraits

It was my birthday on Monday and I thought it might be fun to take some portraits. I think it's a tradition in the making. They're not really portraits for now but for years down the road. Photos are always better later, I think. Bran kept calling out my inauthentic expressions - it was a good experience for me. The challenge for me is that I often don't know someone's face that well - so how do I best interact with them to make this staged situation a little more authentic? I mean - JUST a little. I'm not deluding myself - photography is always lying in some way (just google "Photography is a lie" and the discussion is endless...I'm not even referring to post-processing). I'm also not saying that this "lie" is negative - just something to be aware of. Anyway - good portraits can happen in that split second when the subject thinks of something else and forgets about the camera. Having this kind of interaction with someone is a skill I'll be honing indefintiely. I always avoid shop talk writing. I love it but I struggle with cohesiveness and getting carried away! SO - my birthday. We went to the Blue Plate Diner for supper and then spent the evening walking Edmonton's beeeeautiful river valley. We walked so much that my feet were rubbed raw (no socks, my mistake). Brandon gave me a couple piggy backs and then I just took off my shoes for the walk home. Why does walking barefoot seem so socially awkward?