BBQ at Richardson's

Bran and I had a wonderful few days this past long weekend. I shot a wedding in Calgary on Saturday which was full of great people and deeliicous food. I was really grateful to be apart of it all. The sweet thing about Calgary is we get to stay with family and Sunday breakfast is such a treat! It was so nice to unwind with coffee and chatting. Because we had an extra day, we decided to head to the farm for the first honey extraction. Brownfield is about halfway between Edmonton and Calgary (latitudinally) but 2 hours east of the QE2. We went to the Richardson's for a BBQ (cousins...we're all cousins in Brownfield) and I got some quick pictures of Ryan and Rosalee - Rosa is due in 8 days I think? Yeah, she looks good. Monday was all about honey and I was happy to be apart of it. I don't have any pictures...but fresh honeycomb was eaten and then we sweat it out in the quonset where all the equipment was stationed. Please let me know if you'd like some raw honey!