The Wheelers

Bran and I returned to ole Drumheller last weekend. The place where we got engaged and lived for a year in a petite mining era home. It was a really great start. There are many things to miss about it. Okay - some things I miss: -that little home with its old charm but cra-zay colours. We'd turn up the heat in the morning and it would be warm in 5 minutes. -the quietness, the ease of getting around -Jordan and Becky being there. All the evenings we snacked, laughed, and watched shows. -that badlands scenery -watching LOST every Tuesday with the Myers. And Bev's cooking. -the church we attended. It was a family.

There's plenty more. I met Ava through the coffee shop I worked at. I remember the first time she came in because she was confidently friendly. I love that and aspire to it. So here we are a few years later. Sally is walking like a champ (okay, she's been walking for a while) and Wheeler kid #2 is coming any minute now.