My Family

We were in Saskatoon for a fair chunk of days this September. First for a week of holidays that we spent working in the mornings and lounging for the rest. Bran reacquainted himself with video games and I got comfortable in the living room. Our family sits and talks a lot. Maybe "a lot" isn't the right word. Regularly. Yes. We regularly converse, at the table or after a meal in the living room. The kettle is put on and cookies are distributed. It's comforting.

We left on a Saturday and on Sunday I received news that my Auntie Connie had passed away from cancer. I was able to sit and talk with her the week before. It felt surreal and will for a while, especially as we gather as a family. A couple things to say about her: she had a very generous heart. She easily entertained and fed people. This is a trait I deeply admire. I used to be quite calculated with what I spent/shared. This prudence is still in me but I've been inspired by many friends and family, Auntie Connie being one of them. I keep choosing to act differently and it becomes easier.

She was also a very enthusiastic Christmas decorator. It will be missed this year. I find it so fun when someone unreservedly commits to a hobby or interest. I'll paint a small picture: thousands of lights, holiday scenes in every nook and cranny, and multiple trees with trains running around.

We went back to Saskatoon for her funeral and were able to spend the weekend with Taylor and Emily too. It was a different but meaningful time. I missed a portrait of Ian in the photos below. He was inside playing his guitar - very apt.