Thanksgiving at the Farm

I'm trying to remember all that happened last weekend at the farm but it's all blurring together. Maybe I've mentioned it before but Jordan and Becky are building a house out in the Brownfield area and they're doing the majority of it on their own. Or rather, there are very few hired professionals involved. It is being built using ICF (insulated concrete forms) and will run on solar and natural gas. So all hands were on deck for house building. The roof is being framed this week and soon it will be a closable, contained space! I had a couple family shoots on Saturday morning. There was a lot of gusty, frigid wind but we all made it through. Many thanks to Ash for organizing that for me.

Becky and I drove into town to pick up wood Saturday afternoon (I think?). A tire blew on the trailer. It's just the thing that happens when you're building a house. It just is. But going to town means stopping and getting treats, so not all bad!

Another thing: I have fallen in love with chickens. Specifically laying hens. They're so much smarter and more attractive than their meat chicken counterparts. And eggs! Oh glory. It is a real goal of mine to have a few laying hens in my backyard someday soon.

These photos were taken in the hour or so leading up to Thanksgiving dinner.