Building a Lifetime Table

A couple weekends ago Bran and I hit the dusty (blizzard-ing) trail back to Saskatoon. The roads and visibility were terrible. We were definitely justified in turning back around (the ditch saw a few too many vehicles) but onward Saskatchewan we went. I think Brandon compares everything to that one time he drove 14 hours through Quebec/Ontario (or somewhere, details shmetails) and had about 2 cm of visibility. So what I'm saying is the bar is very, very low.

When we were living in Saskatoon, Bran wrangled some used lumber (reclaimed if you're hip) from a closed vinegar factory. It's been lovingly stored in my Dad's garage since and gradually worked on. We're building a table. I call it our lifetime table. It's going to be a beast and we're going to haul it from home to home for the rest of our lives. Thankfully it's designed to come apart otherwise it won't fit anywhere but through a garage door. I will be sure to share the finished product. It's going to be so beautiful and meaningful.