A Few From Christmas

We returned to Edmonton last night from our Christmas holiday. Six days in Saskatoon and five in Brownfield. My brain was a bit overloaded and my introverted self started to recharge. I had a brief but solid cry. Not to confuse anyone - my holiday was wonderful and nothing bad happened. But the adrenaline of moving from conversation to conversation and activity to activity wore off. A mixing pot of thoughts and feelings tipped over. A necessary release. Cry. Sleep. Wake up renewed. I always appreciate returning to the routine things. Some toast for breakfast, groceries, laundry, sorting through emails. For supper, I put to use a couple gifts from Christmas: a mini food processor and the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. I feel energized already. I feel a bit bashful talking about presents but I must say, every gift I received this Christmas was absolutely lovely and useful! New tools for the kitchen, some outdoor clothing for the shoulder seasons, a lithography course, and the most beautiful crocheted prayer shawl that hasn't left my shoulders.