Vancouver to Keats Island

We were only in Vancouver for three full days (and a bit) but thinking back, we sure got around. Joey, our host, spoiled us more than once with her breakfast making skills. I'm still thinking about that cranberry studded french toast! On our last day we took the skytrain out to Surrey to be picked up by our cousins Ryan and Rosalee (and baby Riley). They live in a beautiful area outside of Langley. Oh to live in full-time green! We went for a walk in the forest and had pizza and chocolate cake with Rosalee's parents. I wish I was gifted in writing luscious descriptions of experiences but for now it's just cut and dry. We made our way to Keats Island by bus and ferry the next morning. I had packs and bags hanging off every limb of my body. We had to be strategic and modest with groceries which was a small downside. I mean - cabins and snacks are meant for each other! We ran out of dessert rations on day two! A Coffee Crisp had been left behind in one of the cupboards. I resisted. How many previous vacationers had left it untouched? Hundreds? How old was this thing? We ate it.

On our first full day we were gifted with sun. I knew we needed to climb to "Highest Peak". I'm sure I gained one year of life from that view, that air. I didn't have a wide angle lens with me and it pained me just a little. After I had sufficiently exclaimed OH WOW! + OH BRAN! + OH MY GOODNESS!! a hundred times, I sat and stared and felt at peace.


Shot with Fuji Superia 400. I will definitely continue using this drugstore film. It does really well outdoors and I love the punchy colours. My favourite roll of the trip is next.