Recipe Roundup

I forget who said it or where I read it but a guy was talking about the internet and how there's generally two types of users: people who contribute (add to the content) and people who consume (quietly, scoffing)(just kidding). I don't think there's a better or worse (we all have our roles and personalities) but we could all cool our jets about judging those who contribute, hey? I say this because I'm one of those people that posts photos of my food on Instagram. Hah - food on Instagram is this weird phenomenon and the brunt of many jokes/rants. It doesn't bother me (we all just post what we like!). I'm certain we'd like each other more without the internet. If I'm feeling insecure I just remind myself that I've tried to contribute in a personal way - good enough!

Cooking and baking is very apart of who I am (becoming) and something I love to do - it's a creative outlet every day - and sharing what I've done is part of the process. I'm trying to give these photos a little more purpose beyond my own so I've gathered up a bunch of what I've cooked lately. Also, I don't want to be a recipe hoarder. I have to fight it sometimes when I come across something really good - sigh - a number of those are below!  Links to recipes will be below. Hopefully some of these will be enjoyed!

All taken with the iPhone.

photo (12) Spiced Chickpea with Fresh Vegetable Salad--I just used a can of chickpeas and my best judgment for ingredients listed in grams.

photo (15) Mushroom-Barley Soup--I made this last night. It was raining and HIT THE SPOT. I used white wine instead of sherry, was generous with lemon juice, and just kept tasting till it was right.

photo (14) Baked Risotto with Chicken and Lemon--I made changes based on what I had. Used two chicken thighs, half an onion instead of green onions, rosemary sprigs instead of thyme, brown basmati instead of arborio. Rice was so flavourful.

photo (13) Spinach and Feta Tart--man, this was good. Halved the chili flakes and it had the perfect bit of kick. I used a little food processor to grind up the oats/almonds.

photo (9) Date Shake--I make this often. Don't skip the cinnamon! Or anything!

photo (10) Raw Oatmeal--This is from my mother-in-law (who got it from her friend Gwen).

photo (11) Roasted Potatoes, Spinach, + Poached Eggs

photo (6) Molasses Cookies--used unsalted butter instead of shortening and a little less molasses because I had the cooking variety.

photo (7) Baked Oatmeal

photo (4) Broccoli and Pasta Soup--This is unassuming but was actually delicious. Some finicky steps but worth it. I always add more garlic. As always, taste and season or blande food you will have.

photo (8) Meatballs with Balsamic Vinegar Tomato Sauce--Ahhhh! Gotta make this again. Put it on top of whatever you want (pasta, spaghetti squash, mashed potatoes).

photo (1) Jess's Teddy's Apple Cake--I love apple cake. The end! I have two tips for cakes/muffins/stufflikethat: fluff up the flour before scooping and level with a knife. And don't overmix when you combine wet and dry - I use a spatula and fold till just combined. Or do what you want.

photo (2) Autumn Green Salad--I know! Looks like a heavy pile of roughage. I used olive oil instead of sunflower and honey instead of maple syrup. Toast those sunflower seeds and you have a really good salad.

photo (5) No Knead Bread--ughhh, so good. You won't believe you made it. My first try I had a very wet batter that I couldn't even pick up. So don't follow my "fluff and level" flour rule here. I used a soup pot with a cookie sheet on top.

photo (3) Vegetable Eggs Benedict--All I have to say is I love my mini food processor. Thanks Mum!

photo Stuffed Shells--I've made this for everyone on earth - actually! Don't buy store bought sauce - make hers. It's super simple and use the lemon zest. I say this because lemon zest might seem weird but it adds so much.