Feeding Lua

Lua lived with us from three weeks old to five months. I babysat her one evening in those early weeks when her parents really, really needed a nap. I laid her in the middle of our bed and folded laundry around her (she kind of slacked off). I read a bit as she slept in the crook of my crossed legs. I fed her (breast milk in a bottle is handy) and then knocked on her parents' door after midnight. It made me wonder: what will it be like when we have our own? I've seen a baby grow up in my home. She's bathed in my sink and spat up on my floor. I've genuinely cared about every tiny milestone. Oh - when she started to smile and babble! I couldn't get enough. She started talking a lot towards a wall in my living room. I think it was the shapes of light that were made when cars drove by. It inspired the poet in her, I guess!

She found the top of her lungs and then started shrieking a lot. It was funny more than anything. It sounded like a bird sanctuary in here. I think she was saying "HELLO! I'M HERE!!" and "I'M BORED!" and "WALK ME AROUND!".

I heard she rolled over the other day.

She always looked so cute when she ate.