Checking In

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I took these photos at the end of August. My lovely friend Joey asked me to assist her at a wedding on Vancouver Island (uhhhhm YES). I decided to make a little holiday out of it and I'm just realizing how extra special it all was. See, it was the extended weekend of my dreams - eating, nature, ferry rides - all with Joey who speaks my food/photography language. The gal cooked for me. We dined out. Talked and didn't talk (because: two introverts). It was so fun. All the more meaningful because the day after returning home I found out I was pregnant!

August till now has been one thing after the other.

September & October. Pregnancy nausea busted in and the best I could do was show up to shoots, edit photos from bed, and loath my computer screen for being so bright (sensory overload!). Blogging fell to the wayside.

November. Bran had always wanted to visit Europe so we just went for it. I was almost 12 weeks pregnant and it was perfect timing. We spent the month in the Netherlands and France. I'll share more about that once I get my film developed.

December. My brother got married a week after we got back so we scurried off to Saskatoon. We had about two weeks to play catch up before heading to the farm for Christmas and Saskatoon for New Years.

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and we are very thrilled (!!). I'm tackling my 3rd cold/flu of the season. Can't us northerners grow babies in Hawaii? Nevertheless - happy to be back in the swing of things.